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Hi Smart Moms and Dad!

Congratulations on exploring modern cloth nappies

Going cloth is really simple once you get the basics and is such a wonderful life choice for the whole family and of course our precious planet. I’m currently using cloth full time on my second baby and I’m so glad I made the choice when I was expecting my firstborn. I spent hours and hours scouring the web, reading blogs and asking cloth moms for advice – so I hope that all of those hours of research plus my own cloth journey of 4 years can save you some time and be helpful to you.


All cloth diapers are priced differently according to types of material, import vs local, brand, etc. Cloth will cost between R2500-R5000 depending on how budget friendly or convenient you want your collection to be. Disposables will cost you nearly R20k over 3 years. Double that amount for each subsequent child!

There are two sizes of cloth nappies, New-born and One Size Fits Most (OSFM). OSFM fit from 5kgs (about 3 months old) to potty training! New-born stage nappies fit from birth to about 8kgs but this is an entirely different arena as new-born babies’ output is much more than older babies. I suggest renting for this stage or buying flats, fitteds and covers. You need between 15-20 OSFM day nappies and 4-5 night nappies to cloth full time and wash every other day. It is suggested to have 24-30 changes for new-born stage.

There are essentially 3 types of OSFM day time nappies and 2 types of night time nappies

I always try and suggest buying a mix at first to see what works best for you, your baby and your budget. You can then buy more of what suits your family.


Pockets with 1-2 inserts (R100-145e)
All-in-ones, inserts sewn in (R185e)
All-in-twos, insert snaps into cover, simply change insert reuse cover (R295 for cover and 3 inserts)


Snap-less fitted + snappi + cover (199+15+100=R314e)
Fitted with snaps + cover (270+100=370e)

Each type has pros and cons! There is another post for that 😉

That’s that!

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