Eco Menstrual Pads – 4 pack Combo

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Quick Overview

Beautifully made washable menstrual pads locally made right here in South Africa.

These sanitary pads are made from natural resources. The outer layer is 100% cotton and the inner layers are made out of a variation of high absorbency cotton toweling, bamboo toweling and breathable PUL (heavy pads).

This combo pack comes with 1xliner, 1xlight, 1xmedium, 1xheavy, 1xcarry bag

Reusable pads are not only good for you, they are good for your wallet and the earth too!

How to clean your pad;
• Wash before use (Preferably within first 24 hours)
• Soak in container of cold water
• Hand wash by rubbing gently until blood is gone
• Squeeze out excess water
• Organic or natural soaps can be used
• Rinse well until water runs clear
• Hang to dry
• If you can’t wash your pad immediately then rinse
after use
• Ensure pads are fully dried before storing

Do not;
• Wash in hot water
• Bleach
• Use fabric softener
• Use fragrances
• Tumble dry
• Wring out wet pads
• Let blood dry out

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