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Quick Overview

Size 1 is for ladies under 25 years old that have not had a baby yet and who have a shorter cervix

As you can see in the comparison photo, it is shorter and smaller than the iCare size 1 cup

Capacity: 30ml

Diameter: 40mm

Length: 43mm

Stem length: 27mm

Shelf life: 10 years

The Anytime menstrual cup is made from soft medical grade silicone, is reusable and has been designed to be easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

The Anytime menstrual cup is soft, flexible and easy to fold to insert and has enough spring to pop up easily after insertion. Its flexibility allows it to bend as you move, providing you with ultimate comfort and protection.

The Anytime menstrual cup is worn internally, while tampons and pads absorb menstrual fluid, the iCare collects it. It means it doesn’t cause dryness, irritation, itching or incomfort and collects three times as much as a tampon.

The Anytime menstrual cup is the feminine protection of the 21st century. It is user-friendly, safe, reusable, eco-logical and a healthier alternative to pads and tampons and women love it because it actually improves their cycle by being less painful and getting a lighter

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